Explain one (1) of the challenges that a hacker faces when attempting to cause a segmentation fault by overflowing a buffer.

Explain one (1) of the challenges that a hacker faces when attempting to cause a segmentation fault by overflowing a buffer.



Please answer all the questions and MARK it. ( Which answer for which question) YOU DON?T HAVE TO MAKE ANY FORJUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS THAT?S ALL !!!!!!!!!Discussion 1 ? The Reliability of Gathered Data Please respond to the following: 1. According to Health Economics, some studies have shown that respondents changed the assessment of their health status when asked a self-reported health question on two occasions in the same survey. The first part of the survey was a self-completed questionnaire, and the second part was a personal interview. Provide methods that you could apply to detect discrepancies in collected data or wout skewed data. 2. Data gathering may be conducted using the direct observation in the field of interest or done in a controlled environment. Compare and contrast the reliability of the data collected using thtwo techniques. Speculate if one method is significantly more useful than the other and explain why or why not. ? 5 Discussion 2 Online Data Gathering Please respond to the following: 1. From the e-Activity, the Website you visited provides an infrastructure for creating surveys / questionnaiand the collection of the responses from respondents. The Website does not design a survey / questionnaire for you. Provide three best practices for designing online surveys / questionnaiwith respect to survey topic, targeted audience, length to the survey, types of questions (multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, etc.), number of desired responses, etc. 2. Social media communities such as Tweeter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. provide an expansive audience for online surveys. Discuss the viability of using thcommunities with respect to quality, reputation, volume, and management of the surveys. e-Activities ? Online questionnaiprovide the means of gathering data from a large number of possible responders to a survey. The book points out that a Web-based questionnaire provides an interactive environment that makes it easy to include check boxes, radio buttons, pull-down and pop-up menus, etc. There are a number of free online web-based Websites. SurveyMonkey? and QuestionPro are among them. ? In tactivity, you will visit the SurveyMonkey? Website or QuestionPro and create a free basic account. Then, create a simple survey. 1. Go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/ OR https://questionpro.com/. 2. Sign up for a free basic plan / account by following the instructions on the screen. 3. Follow the instructions on how to create a simple survey. ? Note: Tactivity forms the basis for a later written assignment. DiscussionBuffer Overflow Please respond to the following: 1. Explain one (1) of the challenges that a hacker faces when attempting to cause a segmentation fault by overflowing a buffer. Further, discuss the main ways in which an attacker can avoid detection of no operations (NOPs) by an intrusion detection system, and examine the primary reasons why avoiding such detection is beneficial for executing the attack. 2. From the e-Activity, describe the primary manner in which the selected tool assists in preventing attacks on existing programs, and describe at least two (2) specific featuof the chosen tool that you believe are crucial in helping it to protect against such attacks.eActivity ? Use the Internet to research a tool that security administrators can use to help defend against buffer overflows. Discussion Wireless Penetration and Securing Wireless Please respond to the following: ? Specify the main steps involved in cracking WEP encryption. Discuss the implications of relying on such a legacy protocol today and how essential it is for the IT industry to keep current with technology. ? Compare the key added challenges of securing wirelessly-connected devices versus securing LAN-connected devices. Next, discuss the so-called cloaking as it pertains to Wi-Fi networks. Analyze the reasoning behind enabling or disabling tfeature.


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