Explain one potential cultural and/or spiritual consideration related to nursing care.

 Explain one potential cultural and/or spiritual consideration related to nursing care.



 Include an APA style title page, citations, and reference list.
 Provide complete and concise answers to all questions. Number your answers, but do not
include the questions or scenario. Submit to the assigned drop box by the deadline.
 Answer all questions using scholarly writing.
o Use correct grammar, complete sentences, paragraph structure, and professional terms.
o Use scholarly sources (e.g., textbook, professional journals, government agencies). Sources
must be current (less than 5 years old).
o Do not plagiarize answers from the book or any other source. Paraphrase the content (i.e.,
rephrase in your own words) and cite the source using APA format. Provide a reference list
using APA format at the end. Do not use quotes.
Reed Smith is a 23 year-old male who presents to your office with a complaint of left ankle pain after
falling in his home. His medical history is significant for end-stage cystic fibrosis. He has had many
previous hospitalizations related to pulmonary and gastrointestinal-related complications. For the past
year, he has refused follow-up healthcare visits and any additional treatments or medications. He states
“I’ve been fighting this my whole life and I’m tired. I just want peace”.
He is essentially wheelchair bound and on supplemental oxygen via nasal cannula. His primary caregiver
is his mother. Further interviewing reveals that he is often left at home alone for long periods of time
while his mother works; and he injured his ankle when he fell while trying to get to the bathroom. Upon
inspection, he is unwashed, smells faintly of urine, and has multiple ecchymoses visible on both arms in
various stages of healing. He is very thin and gets short of breath easily with excessive talking and
For Reed Smith:
1. Describe two ethical-legal dimensions related to the client and findings. (10 points)
2. Explain modifications to the physical exam that may be needed based on client limitations. (10
3. Discuss two potential healthcare referral needs for the client. (10 points)
Adrika Johar is a 65-year old female who immigrated to the United States from India six years ago. She
presented to the office with severe pain and some recent scarring on the left side of the upper face
since and was diagnosed with shingles. Her history revealed she had severe itching burning pruritus on
left side of face 8 to 10 days back. Her past medical history is significant for type-2 diabetes.
Upon inspection, various pustular lesions were seen only on the left face and not crossing midline.
Many pustules are ulcerated and most of them have developed necrotic crusts. Pustules and necrotic
crusts are surrounded by an erythematous area. Lesions are diffusely scattered and have irregular
borders of varying sizes ranging sizes. The surface of these lesions show sloughing and crusting without
discharge. Intraorally, a few yellowish white ulcers are present on the left side of the hard palate.
Shi is a strict practicing Hindu. To “purify” her body, she has been washing her face, brushing her teeth,
and chewing mint leaves multiple times daily. In addition, she has been fasting, only consuming warm
liquids, since the onset of the problem. Throughout the interview, you notice she absentmindedly
touches and picks at the pustules.
For Adrika Johar:
4. Provide one prioritized, nursing diagnosis for the patient with “related to” and “as evidenced”
by statements. Note: Actual problems take precedence over “risk for” problems. (10 points)
5. For the chosen nursing diagnosis, provide one measurable outcome with a meaningful
timeframe. (5 points)
6. For the chosen nursing diagnosis/outcome, provide evidence-based nursing interventions with
scientific rationales. Note: Include what the nurse should “monitor/assess”, “do”, and “teach”
to the client. (15 points)
7. Explain one potential cultural and/or spiritual consideration related to nursing care for this
client. (10 points)
Conduct a nutritional assessment on an adult using the criteria below.
8. Obtain the client’s height, weight, and a 24-hour diet recall. Provide: a) body mass index (BMI)
calculation and classification; b) dietary assessment; and c) specific dietary recommendations
based on intake. (15 points)
For a BMI calculator, visit the National Institutes of Health at
http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/lose_wt/BMI/bmicalc.htm . For nutrition,
consider the variety and amount from each food group, food intolerances, and the intake of
water, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and salt. For nutritional recommendations, you can use the
textbook and/or visit the Department of Agriculture’s ChooseMyPlate site at
Scholarly writing (15 points)


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