Explain the action of the heart and the effect of exercise on the rate

Explain the action of the heart and the effect of exercise on the rate

covering assessment-gas exchange and transport
case study: you will be given data from an identified case study of an adult in her mid-thirties,who has participated within ”spinning class”, you will be required to write a report (template included,maximum 800words) which demonstrates your knowledge of the effects of exercise upon the heart rate.within the conclusion of this report you will need to show how the body monitors and maintains blood pressure ,with reference to the control of blood vessel size and heart rate.
within the scientific report provided ,analyse the effects that exercise has on the heart with reference to the case study and results below.
andrea is a 35year old woman who takes part regularly in spin, running and triathlons.on one particular session she recorded her heart rate on her heart rate monitor in order to compare the effect the spin class had on her heart ,before, during exercise. the results are as follows: heart rate before,during and after
before exercise beats per minute 96
average heart rate during …beats per minute 142
maximum heart rate…beats per minute 174
1minute after…beats per minute 98
blood pressure before and after
before exercise blood pres 119/78
1minute after exercise blood pres 126/76


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