Explain the innovation dilemmas that Cordys faces.

Explain the innovation dilemmas that Cordys faces.

select on of the seven cases below and address at least two of the respective questions in their report. If you have worked in one of these cases throughout the module you may or not use it for the report. Instructions are provided after the case questions. Week 4, group 1: Vodafone: Developing a Total Communications Strategy in the UK Market, Exploring Strategy 9th edition, p.557. 1. What are the key drivers of change in the communications industry as a whole (consider the macro-­environment)? What do you expect their impact to be over the next five years? 2. At the time of the case, how do each of the 4 industries (fixed line, mobile, television and broadband) compare in terms of ˜attractiveness’ as suggested by Porter? 3. What should Vodafone’s strategy be to achieve its goal of being œThe Communications Leader in an increasingly connected World? Week 5, group 2: European Tour Operators: confronting competition in the tourism industry, Exploring Strategy 9th edition, p.565. 1. What underlying forces in the macro-­environment drive the competitive forces in the European tour operator industry? 2. Using Porter’s analysis structure, identify the relative importance of each one of the five forces.


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