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I am looking for one page paragraph that explain a situation. Please read carefully and use the free writing that I am going to write down below as your reference when you write the Paragraph.

( My mother works as a provider to my grandmother through the IHSS( In Home sUPPORT Services ) program. On June 15, 2020, My mother filed an unemployment case and stopped doing service to my grandmother because my mother has a bad health condition ( my mom has a bad arthritis for both of her knees and she is going to do a knee replacement for right knee). So my mom quit from doing the service to my grandmother and filed an Edd case. When she was doing her application the system showed that her last job was doing the service for my grandmother. So my mother list my grandmother as her last employer.Last week, the State Information Data Exchange System department sent a form to my granmother asking about several information regarding to tax info and etc ( please see the websitehttps://edd.ca.gov/unemployment/SIDES.htm and go to Notice of an unemployment Insurance file claim, So you can have an idea about how the form look like ). I did called the State Information Data Exchange System department and I had explained to them that my grandmother is not a business service and she was only a recepiant receiving In home support Service from her daughter ( provider- My mom ). They told me ( ‘that’s fine , you can ignore the form that we sent to your grandmother and please write down a Paragraph that explain everything)

Please write a paragraph to summaries all entire story. Also, please let me know if you have any questions. I will be more than happy to answer all questions. Accept my deal if you understand it. Thanks



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