Facility Design Operations managers must be concerned with m

Facility Design Operations managers must be concerned with more than final outcomes (the final product or service delivered). They must be involved in determining the processes used to develop and create the final product and how they can be created or manufactured within the current capacities of the organization. Successful organizations appear complex because they are made up of a multitude of different departments with each having a specific responsibility in the creation and delivery of the final product or service. For this question you will need to conduct research on capacity and facilities before you can prepare a complete response to the questions asked. Start this research by reviewing the Web Field Trip resources below. Web Field Trip The below websites all relate to your Discussion topic for this week. Please spend some time reviewing these websites before you compose your response. http://www.discoverdbr.com/grocerystorelayout.html http://www.foodmarketdesigns.com/ http://extmedia.kaplan.edu/business/MT435/MT435_1501C/How_to_Layout_Your_Supermarket.pdf Discussion topic Be sure each of the questions below is addressed. Address each question individually and be careful not to combine your questions and answers: Identify a supermarket/grocery market to discuss for this Discussion topic. What departments within the market tend to be co-located (adjacent to one another)? Do you believe the co-location is planned? If so why? What departments within the market tend to be distant from one another? What purpose is accomplished by separating these departments so far apart from each other? Why is the layout of the supermarket so important to the overall delivery of the products and services provided? What recommendations would you make to the layout of the supermarket to make the layout more effective or efficient?

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