Feudal Board GameToday we are going to design a board game b

Feudal Board GameToday we are going to design a board game based on the feudal system. Remember that the king is at the center of the feudal system and noblemen are given the opportunity to divide the king’s land among lower noblemen, or vassals, who could allow serfs/tenents to use the land.Knights were vassals that were responsible for protecting the castle.Check out this diagram for a better understanding of the breakdown of the feudal system.The Game:Use your knowledge of the feudal system to design a board game.You must be able to submit this game, but if you want to make a real ‘playable’ game, you can take a digital picture of it to submit to your teacher.You can also create a one-dimensional version of the game that you can scan and send to your teacher.Another option is to create your game on the computer and submit it electronically.Be creative, but base your game on the knowledge you learned about the feudal system.You can have any number of players, and you can decide if you will use dice, spinner, cards, etc. to maneuver around the board.The Directions:Even if you make a 3D game and submit a picture of your game to your teacher, you must provide written directions for the game to your teacher.Your directions should spell out the rules of the game and explain the feudal system.Click hereto see how your assignment will be graded.

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