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You will submit a field report on visits with policy makers, government agency staff and/or policy advocacy organizations. Please use the report format provided in this Word document

The objective of this interview is to learn about the most recent legislation (federal and/or state) that is “in play”. It may be pending or not. For example, if you are focused on the elderly population (Medicare perhaps) you may want to know which legislation AARP endorses and why. Or, a staff person that works for a Congressman or Senator (Federal and/or state) should be able to lend some advice. If you are a constituent they should accommodate you however, during this COVID time things are a bit challenging. Remember, you can find legislation by looking at CQ Quarterly, Lexis-Nexis, The Hill, Roll Call and/or CRS.

We require one interview. If you want to conduct more than one-feel free.

Tips when reaching out to a Congressional office or advocacy association:

  • Federal and/ or Congressional Office: figure out who represents you in Congress (federal and/or state). Read about their views on their website. Call the office (either in DC or in your local jurisdiction) and ask for the name of the staffer that is responsible for researching your topic area. Tell them that you are a student in masters program and a constituent. You only want 10 minutes of their time to explore legislative fixes and learn more about your topic area. Let them know that you are working on an actual assignment. If calling does not work, you may want to email the Chief of Staff. Be persistent and consider reaching out to multiple offices.
  • Non-Profit Organization: Make sure that they have an advocacy or lobby shop. You want to talk to a policy analyst. (Ex: AARP, ACOG, Planned Parenthood, etc.). Keep in mind that these organizations may have a bias because they are representing their membership.
  • Consulting Firms: If they do policy work you can find an analyst to speak with. (Ex: Avalere, Evolent, Advisory Board, Highland Consulting, etc.)
  • Think Tanks: Urban Institute, Brookings Institute, Kaiser Foundation, Heritage, CATO, RAND, etc.)


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