Film Festival ProjectCreate&nbspa 1,050- to1,400-word –&nbsppropo

Film Festival ProjectCreate a 1,050- to1,400-word: – proposal for a themedfilm festival- The theme could beanything from a specific genre, like the Western- to a topic, such asLGBTQ representations- to a specific timeperiod- and everything inbetweenDesign this film festival for University of Phoenix students; keepin mind your    audience.Part 1- Identify your theme (Good versus Evil)- and explain yourtheme- What is thejustification for this focus? Part 2- Identify three films that will serve as the mainevent for the festival (Fantasia (1942), TheChronicles of Narnia, and James Bond’s The Man with a Golden gun).1. Each film must relate back to the theme2.  Each film must relate backto the theme 3.  Each film must relate backto the theme – In your justification – usespecific scenes, rather than general plot summary, from each movie.- Compare and contrast the movies to eachother to effectively explain how they relate to your chosen theme.   In thissection – consider all that was discussed throughout the semester1. Including but notlimited to: a. Cinematographyb. sound and musicc. editingd. narrativee. genresf. historyg. and film theory. Part 3- Include the rationale for your proposed filmfestival.· Why do University ofPhoenix students need to examine this theme?· What will studentslearn?· What new knowledge willbe gained?· Why is this important?Reference The Film Experience, and feelfree to go outside of the textbook for other resources. Pictures and otherpertinent graphics are welcome.Format your assignment according to appropriatecourse-level APA guidelines.N ote:1. Request to use the following:Part 1 Identify your theme (Good versus Evil) Part 2- Identify three films that will serve as the main event for the festival (Fantasia (1942), The Chronicles of Narnia, and James Bond’s The Man with a Golden gun).

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