FINAL EXAM; First world war, Totalitarian regime, Nazism

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Topic: Document Analysis and Historical Testing; Word Limit in total 650-800.

1. In two or three paragraphs, with arguments and specific examples, you will answer each of the following two questions:

– How the settlement of the First World War generates territorial, diplomatic and political tensions in Europe from 1919 to 1939?

– Why political violence is a central element of the exercise of power in a totalitarian regime (of the end from the First World War to the beginning of the second, in Europe, including Russia).

2. In two or three paragraphs, using excerpts from the text, answer the following question after analyzing the document:

– How this extract from Joseph Goebbels’ diary shows the need for Nazism to build politically against internal enemies?

“…We live in the century of ending liberalism and beginning socialism. Socialism (in its pure form) is the subjection of the individual to the good of the state and the community of the people: it has nothing to do with the International! The Jew is internationalist, just as the nomad and gypsy are internationalists. Are there Jews patriots? I don’t think so. Personally, I know only Jews who have towards the nation, in the best of case, in the best of case, the attitude of interested spectators. Marx has no heart. We pose socialism as an ethical and national. […] Democracy is a sinister levelling. The Jew wants to level us in order to dominate us. Men are not equal. […] We want the dictatorship of the good and capable, of whatever denomination or state they may be. We want to destroy the enthusiasm of youth. But we come with strength and our young fervor will triumph over the world.” Joseph Goebbels, Journal 1923-1933, extracts dated 10 June 1924, Paris, Tallandier, 2006.


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