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Compose an 8 measure melody with two, 4-measure phrases. You are **required** to use the attached form

  • Phrase 1 ends with IAC or HC (label it)
  • Phrase 2 ends with PAC (label it)
  • Major Key – no more than 3 sharps or flats in key signature (add to score on both systems)
  • 3/4, 4/4, or 6/8 are the meter choices (add to score on first system only)
  • Harmonize and create the melody:
    • Use no more than 2 chords/measure (except m. 4 and 8, only 1), with a minimum total of 10 chords. Notate the complete chord on the bass staff.
    • You are NOT writing out an accompaniment – the bass clef is provided for chord mapping. Two chord blanks are provided per measure under the bass staff – only use one if not putting 2 chords in that measure.
    • EACH measure, except mm. 4 and 8, must contain at least SIX (6) pitches, which means that you must use a mix of division and subdivison note values. It also means that you’ll need to use a good mix of arpeggiation as well as neighbor and passing tones. Circle and Label all non-chord tones. After deciding on your chords, I suggest starting each measure with a basic melody of notes that fit the chord, then add your embellishing non-chord tones.
    • Include some basic dynamics and articulations.
    • Use the following chart for order of chords in progression:
      • Tonic (I) can go to any chord
      • V(7) can go to I or vi
      • IV can go to V(7) or ii or I
      • ii can go to V
      • vi can go to IV or ii
      • iii can go to vi
      • viio an go to I

Summary Steps:

  1. Map out a chord progression using the chart above, following the guidelines, underneath the staff.
  2. On the bass staff, write out the complete notes for each chord.
  3. Pick out a basic melody from the notes in each chord, arpeggiating, repeating, etc.
  4. Add some rhythm to the melody using guidelines above.
  5. Embellish with non-chord tones.
  6. Add dynamics and articulations.


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