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Individualized Education Program (IEP) You will be provided case studies of students with disabilities. You will SELECT ONE case study and develop an IEP based upon the information provided in the report. The IEP must contain these pieces of information: Present Levels of Educational Performance: Information about your child’s strengths and needs as well as comments about how your child is doing in the classroom should be included. In addition, include observations and results of state and district-wide tests and information from your functional assessment. Besides academic needs, any other areas of concern that have been identified, such as language development, behavior, or social skills, should be discussed, as well. Goals: The next step is to write measurable goals that she can reasonably accomplish in one year. Goals are based on what was discussed and documented in present levels of educational performance and focus on her needs that result from the disability. Goals should help the student become involved and progress in the general curriculum and may be academic, social, behavioral, self-help, or address other educational needs. Goals are not written to maintain skills or help her achieve above grade level. Special Education and Related Services: Once the IEP is written you should decide how to put it into action. The school district is obligated to provide a free appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE). So the IEP team considers the way — to the maximum extent appropriate for both — to educate the child alongside students without a disability. Special education is a set of services, rather than a specific place for the child to go. The services the child needs to reach the goals and objectives and how they’ll be delivered are identified. For most students, the general education classroom will be the preferred setting, but a range of options are available, including special day classes. In addition to the above, the following are part of the IEP: The extent to which your child will participate with children with disabilities and peers without disabilities in the school environment. Whether he/she will take state and district-wide tests, with or without accommodations, or have an alternative assessment when services will begin, where and how often they’ll be provided, and how long they’ll last. Necessary transition services (age 16 or the first IEP that will be in effect when the child turns 16). These special factors will be considered and addressed in the IEP, depending on the child’s needs: Supports and strategies for behavior management, if behavior interferes with their learning or the learning of others. Language needs as related to the IEP if he/she has limited mastery, or proficiency, in English. Communication needs Assistive technology devices or services required in order to receive FAPE as well as necessary accommodations and /or modifications in the general education or special education setting. This assignment is worth 40 points towards your final grade. A completed sample IEP, IEP Template and the case study you should use are included below


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