Financial Accounting

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Prof. Anna with other 10 student investors opened Accounting Counseling Company (ACC), Inc. on June 1,

2020. During the first month of operations, the following transactions occurred:

June 1 Stockholders invested $35,000 cash in the business and received common stock.

June 1 Pre-paid $3,000 cash for June rent.

June 3 Borrowed $50,000 from the bank; signed a note payable.

June 4 Purchased office supplies on account, $2,000.

June 7 Paid cash $26,000 for office furniture.

June 11 Performed counseling service on account for a client, $4,400.

June 14 Paid $900 of the account payable created in the transaction from June 4.

June 23 Received cash on account, $2,200 (related to transaction from June 11).

June 27 Paid the following cash expenses:

(1) Advertising, $500; (2) Utilities, $600.


1. Prepare all journal entries. Use the dates to identify the transactions.

2. Post the transactions to T-accounts. Show ending balances.

3. Prepare the trial balance of ACC, inc., at June 30,2020


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