Find an example of suppression of free speech. It can be con

Find an example of suppression of free speech. It can be contemporary or historical (Ex: the McCarthy hearings). Summarize it briefly (when and where did it happen, who was involved); if it’s an historical example, give some historical context. So in the case of the McCarthy hearings, you’d want to discuss—briefly—the Cold War and the American paranoia about Communism. Then discuss why—according to Rauch—this is a bad thing. Rauch uses a philosophical rationale to defend his thesis, so you should do the same. In other words, don’t just say, “The McCarthy hearings were unjust because censorship is bad.” Rather, talk about the roots of fundamentalism and its objectives and why they are anathema to the development of human knowledge. Your example can be political, religious, academic, whatever you want (Hint: if you choose an example that’s obviously offensive such as hate speech, you will have richer material to defend rather than something more black and white, like banning books; but the choice is yours).Remember this quote as you write: A no-offense society is a no-knowledge society.When you use Rauch’s ideas, please cite him (MLA format). If you are quoting from another source to summarize your example, please also cite that. You don’t need a works cited page, but please acknowledge in the text if you are using someone else’s material.Your essay should be 2-3 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 point font. Part I is worth 50 points.

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