First,prepare yourself by reading the following three articl

First,prepare yourself by reading the following three articles orwebpages:ProfessorDave Alber’s Lecture can be found as an attachment to this question.Abler,D. (n.d.) Notes for a Lecture on Economic conditions in developingcountries. Copyright permission granted September 25, 2010.Khan’s(2001) article by going to the International Monetary Fund Website (see theWebliography). Khan, M. H. (2001). Rural poverty indeveloping countries: Implications for public policy. Economic Issues NO.26.  InternationalMonetary Fund. Retrieved July 6, 2012.Youcan find the most up-to-date report on the World Bank website at have read the items listed above, access the “Data & Research” tab inthe World Bank Website and compare growth rates between two countries ofyour choice. Specifically, select one developed country (such as U.S., England,Canada, Germany, etc.), and select one developing country (such as Angola,Bangladesh, Chad, Nigeria, etc.). Findand transfer their 2007–2011 GDP growth (annual %) data into your response. Then identify and explain possible factors that may be adding to the differencesbetween their GDP growth rates. Please answer in layman’s terms. Original work Only!!

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