FitnessWithin the Ranks Law Enforcement Based on Overweight

FitnessWithin the Ranks Law Enforcement Based on Overweight OfficerReturned to Work and this week’s assigned readings,discuss the importance of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle as a lawenforcement officer. In your discussion, address the following:Why isphysical fitness important in a police officer’s development and subsequent career? What restrictions in training objectives would an overweightpolice officer encounter in weaponless self-defense and martial arts trainingwithin a police academy?  What regulations are imposed on police agencies with regardto physical fitness requirements after completion of initial training?  What civil liability, if any, does the agency face if anofficer does not maintain a level of physical fitness required of a situationwhere significant injury or death occurs to a civilian or fellow officer as adirect result of the officer’s level of fitness?Policeare there to provide public safety, but what if their weight gets in theway?  Obesity is a number one publichealth problem in our country. People are exercising less, and eating more. “Anoverweight Bellevue police officer fired in 2007 because of his physicalcondition has returned to work, saying he expects a hostile work environmentfrom the top down” (Overweight Officer, 2009, par.1). Is this a question ofdiscrimination? Physicalfitness is a state of health and wellbeing that enables the body to functionefficiently in different activities such as work, leisure and even sports.There are various ways in which physical fitness can be achieved. This includescorrect nutrition, exercises, physical activity and rest. Physical fitness isvery important in the life of each and every individual. Physical fitness isvery important for the safe and effective performance of police officers intheir career. This is because their career involves critical and essential jobfunctions. Research has shown that the effectiveness of police officers dependon the extent of their physical fitness. Thejob functions of police officers require them to be physically fit since theyare normally involved in activities such as war. In such cases the war puts agreat premium upon the strength, agility and coordination since their lives areoften dependent upon them. Some of the restrictions that an overweight policeofficer would encounter in weaponless self-defense and martial arts trainingwithin police academy are that they would not be in a position to perform theirjobs more quickly and efficiently as compared to the physical fit policeofficers. Theoverweight police officer would also encounter restrictions in trainingobjectives the overall military performance is based on a combination ofindividual strength both physically and mentally and hence the overweightofficer cannot contribute more in terms of performance like the other officers who are physically fit. Some of theregulations that are imposed on police agencies with regard to physical fitnessrequirements after completion of the initial training are such that the policeofficers shall be evaluated using the standards developed by the CooperInstitute for Aerobics research and every police officer who coincides with the30thpercentile of the general population in each of the five hundredevaluations is eligible for employment (Institute of Medicine, 1998).Thereare no two jurisdictions the same, when it comes to training requirements to bea police officer. The unions are there to protect those who are a member. Thereare those that do stay  in shape. Pridesets in when one is in shape, there are several that feel they should get paidfor staying in shape? What if the department gave incentives to a policeofficer for staying in shape? Considerthis, What would happen if you had to chase after a suspect? You would putyourself and your partner in danger. Being overweight you are a liability  to yourself and your partner. ‘Medical research shows that stressactually changes the nervous system and hormones in ways that encourage fataccumulation around the waist,’ Carmona said. ‘This type of fat hasbeen linked to increased rates of high blood pressure, heart disease anddiabetes. National Fire Protection data shows that heart attacks caused byoverexertion or stress caused 40 percent of all firefighters deaths in 2001.This is the number one cause of line of duty deaths for firefighters.'(Carmona, 2003, par. 4).  Put down thedonuts,and get out of your vehicles.  “In the case of Parker v. District ofColumbia, the arresting officer was accused of using excessive force to affectan arrest of a combative subject. The officer’s lack of physical fitness andinability to use defensive tactics or less-lethal options resulted in hisdischarging his firearm, rendering the suspect a paraplegic. The D.C. MetropolitanPolice Department was found to be deliberately indifferent to the physicaltraining needs of its officers, and the plaintiff was awarded a substantial sumof money” (Quigley, 2008). 1. .1.5 Mile Run, 2. 300 Meter Run , 3. Vertical Jump, 4. 1RMBench Press and/or 1 Minute Push Up, 5. 1 Minute Sit Up. This fitness test has the validity to predict an officer’sability to perform essential and critical physically demanding tasks regardlessof age, gender or handicap condition. This test has also been foundscientifically valid and defensible in court, as they are job related (CooperInstitute, n.d.). ReferencesCarmona, R. (2003, March 2) – Surgeon general to cops: Put down the donuts –Retrieved – SimilarInstitute of Medicine (U.S.). (1998). Reducingstress fracture in physically active military   women.Washington, D.C: National Academy Press.OverweightPolice Officer Returns To Force | KETV Home – KETV … (2009, July 29).Retrieved from…/10178660 -SimilarQuinones, S. (n.d.). Physical Fitness and Wellness inLaw Enforcement. Retrieved from…/Quinones-Sonia-RESEARCH-PAPER-pdf.a…- Similarplease look over to make sound better make any changes thanks

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