Fix Power Point

I’m studying and need help with a Powerpoint question to help me learn.

Please fix presentation attached acording to the comments below:

Problem: I think your second bullet point articulates the problem. The first bullet point seems more like your solution and might go on another of your slides.

Consider the problem from the point of view of your 3 customer segments. There may be other points you wish to include.

Data. If you have any statistics on the scope of the problem this could add great impact. In general, data, charts, visuals that you include will add credibility to points you make. They may also save a lot of text explanation.

Solution: Your first sentence appears to be a further description of the problem. I might start with the second sentence which describes the service you are offering. If you feel you need the first sentence consider how you might combine it with the problem slide.

Text. When you speak in bullet points in a presentation you do not need to write in full sentences (like I am doing here!). A “busy” slide can be distracting and readers will lose focus. Consider reducing text where you can. This will amplify your message.


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