Follow your teachers instructions to post thefollowing disc

Follow your teacher’s instructions to post thefollowing discussion entry.· Was it a good idea for people to setup civilizations near the Nile, Ganges, Huang He, and Chang Jiang Rivers? Why or why not?Answer this question for each of therivers you researched. Use details from your notes on your organizer tosupport your opinions. Click here to download the discussion rubric to make sureyou are on the right track.· You should write about one paragraphfor each river. Don’t forget to use details from your research in each.· Your discussion will end up beingabout six paragraphs long: one paragraph for each topic, one introductoryparagraph, and a conclusion.· Click here todownload an organizer as a prewriting tool.· Comment on some of the entries ofyour classmates. Refer to the discussion rubric for guidance.

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