For this activity, you will summarize a small reading select

For this activity, you will summarize a small reading selection. The reading selection is found in a link below. Your summary should be one paragraph in length (no more than six sentences). Your summary should remain objective. Be sure to proofread and edit your summary for its use of sentence fluency and conventions. Time Allotted for This Assessment: 15 minutesReading Selection to Paraphrase: When the Empire State Building Was NewChecklist of Items to Include in Your AnswerRestates the main idea as a topic sentence Restates each key ideas as supporting detailsMaintains correct paragraph structure (main idea and supporting details) Uses correct sentence structure and conventionsGrading RubricMain idea mentioned in topic sentence = 4 pointsKey ideas given as supporting details = 4 pointsCorrect paragraph structure = 4 pointsCorrect sentence structure and use of conventions = 3 points

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