For this assignment, you will identify key passages from the

For this assignment, you will identify key passages from the plays. Your responses should include the author, the title of the work, and two fully developed paragraphs explaining the passage’s significance and its relationship to the larger work from which it was taken (e.g., What is the passage about or what does it suggest? What themes from the larger work are evident in the passage? How does the passage bring up or develop those themes?) Your answer must contain specific engagement with and analysis of each passage, and should not stray from the quoted passage. In other words, if you identify a passage from Hellman’s The Children’s Hour, do not provide a general discussion of all the themes or ideas one can find in Hellman’s text. Instead, use your response to analyze how the specific passage reflects particular themes and ideas from Hellman’s play. This assignment is designed to focus you on close reading.The attachment below is where you can find the test questions. Answer these questions in the attachment.test_questions.docx

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