For this week, you will buildoff of your Week Two assignment

For this week, you will buildoff of your Week Two assignment by developing a second lesson plan thatincorporates universal design for learning (UDL) and leverages educationaltechnologies.  Your lesson plan this week must build off of the CCSS andcontent area you selected for your Week Two assignment. Your lesson plan must include the following components:Common CoreState Standard(C.C.S.S.) that relates to the content area (English or Math) chosen forWeek Two. Objectives that are aligned with the C.C.S.S.: Whatis to be taught Whereand when it is to be taughtStandardof success for the individual lesson (must be measurable)OneUDL component (multiple means of representation, engagement, orexpression) embedded in each lessonAtleast one assistive technology devices that are geared towards twoseparate sensory impairments. Atleast one assistive technology device that can be incorporated class-wide.Aformative assessment at the conclusion of each lesson to measure students’mastered the daily objective Teacher self-assessment Evenlessons that fail to produce the intended results are an excellentopportunity for reflection, adjustment, and growth.Whatproblems do you anticipate with the lesson?What did you learn about AT and UDL from creating thisunit? Your lesson plan should be one to two pages in length (notincluding title and reference pages) and should be formatted according to APAstyle as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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