Formatting in Excel

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  • The purpose of this discussion is to discuss formatting in Excel.
  • Remember that discussions are conversations, so the same rules of politeness apply. Address your classmates by name, respect differing view points, ask open-ended questions, express gratitude, and engage honestly. Participate over multiple days, circling back around to reengage with the conversation.

Two Parts:

Main Post

1. Formatting in Excel refers to changing the appearance of cells without actually changing the contents of cells. Examples of such actions include, change font type, font color, number format, cell alignment, combining multiple cells into consolidate into one cell (merging cells), showing all text in one cell rather than having it bleed over into other cells (wrap text), column width/height, tab colors and names, inserting/deleting rows/columns, and grouping columns/rows.

When accounting professionals create their work-papers, they utilize the aforementioned features to ensure that the date they are presenting is depicted in an easily understandable format. I strongly encourage that you practice the aforementioned formatting features of Excel in a blank workbook to understand how they can help you better organize and present your data. Subsequently, please discuss and educate each other about the aforementioned formatting features of Excel (and others that you may discover).


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