Forthis mini paper, you will be looking at twoof the followi

Forthis mini paper, you will be looking at twoof the following: race, class, gender, sexual identity or ethnicity inthe mass media.  The mass media has aextraordinary impact on societal views and in the past twenty years, there havebeen drastic changes in what is acceptable on television.  Such shows as Will and Grace, Queer as Folk,Desperate Housewives, Sopranos, Sex in the City, The Bachelor, Flavor Flav(Flavor of Love), Ellen, Six feet under, all have issues that have questionedsocietal norms.  Dan Quayle made thepress in 1992 when he publicly denounced the show “Murphy Brown” for her choiceof having a baby out-of wedlock, stating that fundamental family values werebeing undermined by the precedent the show made.  Pleaseread the Time article on Dan Qualye’s comments.Howdoes the depiction of race, class, gender, sexual identity or ethnicity compareto your personal everyday experience?  Doyou feel that television accurately portrays sexuality?  Race? Percentages of interracial dating?Etc?  What impact do you think televisionhas on the average viewer with regards to stereotyping, discrimination andperpetuation of racism and sexism?  Youneed to select at least 3 shows for each of the two topics to explain how it isviewed.  Please use actual examples fromtelevision shows to clarify your answers. This paper should be at least 4-6 pagestyped (New times roman, 12 font, double-spaced)

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