Funding Your Program’s Vision

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Funding Your Program’s Vision

You have now learned the key pieces of funding development and financial planning in terms of managing a budget, identifying funding options including grants and foundation awards and creating a funding plan. The purpose of these strategies are to support your early childhood organization’s program philosophy, vision, mission, and goals. With successful financial planning and a strong funding plan, you can achieve the goals you have set.

In this Assignment, you will go back to your portrait of your early childhood program that you created in Unit 3 and reflect on how your budget (created in Unit 3) and funding plan (created in Unit 6) support your organization’s philosophy, vision, mission, and goals.

For this Assignment, you will be using the Unit 9 Assignment Template.

Part 1: Portrait of Organization

Using the initial portrait of your early childhood program created in Unit 3, create a complete description of your programs philosophy, vision, mission, and goals.

In two paragraphs, include the following information:

  • The name of your organization, number of children (and the ages) served.
  • A mission statement outlining your key philosophy.
  • Three specific goals of your organization (i.e., exposing preschoolers to early literacy experiences and educating parents of the critical importance of early childhood literacy).
    • These goals should be clear and concise, demonstrating your inspired vision, objectives, and intended impact to the community from your organization.
  • Explain how your funding plan supports the vision and the specific goals you have set for your program.
  • Using principles of early childhood development and financial planning, discuss how you will measure the impact or success of meeting your program’s objectives (with a focus on the philosophy, vision, mission, and goals).

Part 2: Financial Record Keeping

Reviewing what you learned about the importance of financial record keeping, please respond to the following:

  • Identify the financial documents you will need to keep, file, and report.
  • Describe your method for creating and organizing your financial information reports in a timely and accurate way.
  • Explain why these documents will be important for your grant writing, foundation proposals, and other funding events.
  • Discuss how these documents enhance your credibility and reputation with potential funding sources.

Part 3: Financial Support of Organization’s Vision

Review your organization’s philosophy, vision, mission, and goals from Part 1 and respond to the following:

  • How are they aligned with and supported by effective funding development and financial planning?
  • Why is sound financial planning and management necessary in order to support the goals/vision you have set for your organization?
  • What are some ways that you could you strengthen this alignment?

Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, Use APA Formatting and Citation style, should be at least 3 pages .


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you can also use outside sources for this assignment. Also please use the template provided for this assignment.


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