Future of Information Systems and Computerized Personal Chip

Must be 150 words

Question A

For this discussion, conduct some research related to the future of information systems (IS) in healthcare. Besides those outlined in the lecture, what are some of the possible benefits from advances in IS? Are the benefits more related to convenience or cost-reduction, or both? Provide references for your research.

Question B

Many of us have beloved pets that we get chipped in case they get lost or stolen. These microchips are inserted just beneath the skin and then are read via scanner. A maker of these chips wants to expand the market and offer a medical chip for humans. All known medical information could be instantly downloaded via a quick scan of a patient’s embedded microchip. Allergies, conditions, medications, etc. would all be instantly available. The company argues that this would save lives. Opponents argue that it would be impossible to prevent human scanning tools to fall into the wrong hands. For this discussion, provide your thoughts on the matter. Do you think chipping humans is a good or bad idea? Expand on your response to include justification for your position.

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