G145/FIL2000 Film Appreciation

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This module’s lectures discussed mise-en-scène in film. Expressionism and Realism were compared and contrasted, and film genres such as film noir were examined. The role of the production designer was also explored. The two films screened this module differ vastly in their mise-en-scène.

Initial Discussion Post:
For your initial post, select one of the following two films, “Ballast” or “Metropolis”, and discuss in two to three paragraphs its approach to mise-en-scène.


  • set design
  • lighting
  • costume
  • location and setting
  • props
  • actor expression and movement

Address each of the points below:

  1. How did the costume, make-up, setting, and props impact the message of the film?
  2. How did the lighting, highlights, and shadows convey a part of the story?
  3. How did the acting, movement and performances, as well as the screen space communicate the meaning of the film?


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