Gas Law review word solving problems

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Answer these 3 before 10:15 am

  1. A tire has a volume of 20.0 L at 24.0 ºC and a pressure of 1550 kPa. The tire’s temperature increases to 30.0 ºC. What is the new pressure in the tire if the volume is constant?
  2. Calculate the decrease in pressure when a 293.0 K sample of gas at 760.0 mmHg is cooled to 250.0 K.
  3. Helium at a 1.07 atm of pressure and a volume of 7.0 L is placed into a small can with a volume of only 4.0 L. Assuming temperature is constant, what is the pressure of gas inside of the can?

Please provide legible work for these following 6. If you need to send work by phone I can give u my number.

*Answer these 6 before 3 pm

  1. The weather news gives the atmospheric pressure as 750.0 mmHg. What is the atmospheric pressure in kPa?
  2. Calculate the pressure of 0.034 moles of methane gas (CH4) sealed in a 0.80L flask at room temperature (295 K).
  3. Helium at a 1.00 atm of pressure and a volume of 5500 mL is places into a small can with a volume of only 475 mL. Assuming temperature is constant, what is the pressure of the gas inside the can?
  4. A sample of gas at 58ºC has a volume of 3.42 L. What will the new volume of a gas sample at 8.0 ºC be if its volume at Assume the pressure is constant.
  5. When a cylinder of nitrogen is left standing in the sun, the temperature of the gas reaches 42ºC. The cylinder has a pressure of 12 atm and contains 120 grams of nitrogen (N2). What is the volume inside the cylinder?
  6. A gas thermometer measures temperature by measuring the pressure of a gas inside the fixed volume container. A thermometer reads a pressure of 255 kPa at 10.0 ºC. What is the temp in kelvin when the thermometer reads a pressure of 345 kpa?


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