Genetics 20 minutes to do

Help me study for my Genetics class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

In tomatoes, pear shape, yellow color, and terminal flower position are recessive traits produced by alleles f, r, and t, respectively. The dominant phenotypes for each trait – full shape, red color, and axial flower position- are the product of dominant alleles F, R, and T. A farmer has two pure breeding tomato lines. One is full, yellow, terminal, and the other is pear, red, and axial. Design a breeding experiment (a series of crosses) that will produce a line of tomato that is pure breeding for pear shape, yellow color, and axial flower position. Be sure to indicate both phenotypes and genotypes and their ratios for each step of your design, but you need only give the information for the desired or expected individuals in each generation.


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