Genetics Heterozygous And Homozygous Worksheet Questions Help

1- A trait called Grassy Gas is an autosomally inherited trait. A woman who is heterozygous and has the trait has children with a man who is homozygous and does not have the trait.

a) How is this trait inherited?

b) What are the genotype and phenotype ratios for their possible offspring.

2 -A couple who have 1 son with a condition called Blue-Foot also have 2 normal footed daughters and 1 normal footed son.

How is this trait inherited?

What are the genotypes of the parents?

What are the genotype and phenotype ratios for their possible offspring?




3- A gardener has 2 purple colored sunflower plants. They decide to cross them together In the hopes that they will get lots of purple colored sunflower seeds.The next season when they plant the seeds, they get red, yellow and purple sunflowers.

How is the color trait expressed in these sunflowers?

What were the possible genotypes of the first / parent generation of sunflowers?

What are the possible genotype and phenotype ratios of the next season



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