Geographyof Conflict Research Project on&nbspNORTH KOREA FAMINE

Geographyof Conflict Research Project on NORTH KOREA FAMINEOutline, just answer the questions belowThe IssueWhat is it? North Korea FamineWhat is its geographicalnature?The ConflictIn what way(s) does the issuepose, create, or contribute to conflict?What is the evolutionary ordevelopmental history of the conflict?What are the primaryperspectives (sides) on the conflict?Who is involved?  What is at stake?What are the consequences /repercussions of the conflict?What is the current status ofthe conflict?Steps Toward ResolutionWhat steps have been taken, orare being taken to resolve the conflict?How successful have they been?What are the chief factorscontributing to the success or failure of the attempts at resolution?Personal ViewsWhat “side” (if any) are youon, why?  What actions – do you believe –would be most apt to resolve the conflict in a satisfactory manner?ReferencesList all resources used in researchthus far

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