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The following are the measures to take when a disaster strikes. They are effective to view and search as it is very beneficial and quite helpful if understood to its full-lengths and their use is maximized for better performance. The first one is to take care of the health and hygiene of the people involved in the disaster. This can be done by evacuating the people from the disaster scene for the safety of themselves and yours too. This is beneficial as life is more important than the properties or the wealth involved as the wealth can be recovered not the life of other persons .The second one is to increase the personal ways into effecting the teamwork to take care of the disaster by the safest means possible. Working together is very helpful as the teamwork is very beneficial to use all the risks at the board for use to extensive use. People are different with different capabilities and skills. Working as a team enhances the use of the skills for the best ways to enhance the effective taking care of the disaster at hand whether large or small but teamwork can work at all times which is better than one person.The next one is to alert the disaster and the governmental authorities about the disaster as they have enhanced and effective means to take for the disasters they have personal people trained for the job. This can be done by calling the helplines and the hotline for these bodies and the sects. The subsequent one is understanding the rules and the regulations also the safety acts that are made in order not to increase the effects of the disaster as they can be tragic when multiplied and a lot of resources can be lost through carelessness and ignorance

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Testing a technical recovery plan is one of the important steps that should be done. It is the responsibility of the Business Continuity Manager to certify at least quarterly that IT recovery site is capable of supporting the technical recovery plan. Testing helps in establishing that the site to provide emergency recovery has sufficient server capacity to both load and run the identified critical applications . Testing also helps in establishing whether the recovery site has the right type of back-end services so provided support to the recovered applications. these servers may include DNS, DHCP, firewalls, Active Directory, Tape Management Server, and Domain Controllers . Finally, it will help in the determination of whether the recovery site has protected network connection to the internet and intranet.The results of the testing provide the team with insights about what needs to be done or modified to enhance preparedness and foster success in response and recovery when a disaster strikes. For example, testing may lead to the establishment of the need to add server capacity, invest in the right type of back-end servers, and invest in protected network connection to the internet and intranet.

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