Goal &nbsp You will be able to work with radicals in order to

Goal:   You will be able to work with radicals in order to determine thelength of a ladder needed as well as the number and size of the tilesneeded to complete a rooftop project.  Role:   You are in charge of a rooftop project at a local business.   As apart of your presentation, you need to identify the length of a ladderthat will be needed as well as the number and the size of the tiles thatwill be needed to be ordered to complete the project.Audience :   The employees and owner of the local business.  Situation:   Due to limited space availability for construction of an outdoorpatio area for the employees of a local business to enjoy on theirbreaks, the owner received the proper permissions to take the patio tothe flat rooftop of the business. However, the owner has requested thatproject materials not be carried through the interior of the business.Therefore, you need to use a ladder to access the roof of the 25 footbuilding and there is a 10 foot wide bush that extends out from thebuilding.  Therooftop project entails using a space that measures 18 feet by 12 feetthat will be tiled. The square tiles that you want to use for the patiohave an Area of 324 square inches.                  Performance:   You will be in charge of preparing a report on the information thatincludes the length of the ladder and the number of tiles needed forthe project. You will explain how you figured out the requiredinformation.Standard :  The student will be responsible for:              Use the Pythagorean Theorem (c2 = a2 + b2) to find the length of the ladder.      Accurately finding the dimensions of the square tile being used in the project.Showa detail solution of how many square tiles will be needed to completethe project converting all necessary measurements to the same unit ofmeasurement.Creating a presentation that is organized and can be understood by the audience.Writing a summary that consists of at least 4 sentences explaining what you did to complete this project.

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