Grand Canton University Chapter 23 Medical and Nursing Discussion Question

Class remember that we would also want to treat the medical conditions that increased the patient’s susceptibility to mucor. Doing so will improve the patient’s ability to fight off the infection and enhance the antifungal and surgical treatments.

–What are some conditions that might predispose a person to mucor?

–What interventions (medical and nursing) to assure we addressed the underlying condition as well as the pulmonary mucor?

*Book must be one of the required references:

– Attached: Pathophysiology Book Section: Chapter 23 pp.512-514

Additional Material:

Links to be used for this Discussion Question:

Class remember our focus is on the respiratory system so please focus on mucor pneumonia in your posts and replies ( these will net you credit).Posts on other mucor infections will not earn credit as substantive replies or posts.

Below are some links you may find useful for exploring Mucor infections, although there are many types of Mucormycosis,

National institute of Health


Hindawi Publishing Case Report

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