GuidelinesBelow are the requirements needed for successful c

GuidelinesBelow are the requirements needed for successful completionof the Windshield Survey Form.1.  Introduction to theCommunity:Identify thecommunity you will be using for this assignment with the city and state andprovide a brief one paragraph description of the community. Your communityshould be the area where you live or the area surrounding your work setting.The community must include a residential area and be broad enough to answer thesurvey questions. You do not need demographic data.2. WindshieldSurvey: Assess your community by doing a windshield survey.Information about the components of a windshield survey islocated in your textbook, Nies & McEwen (2015) on page 98 (Box 6-2). Drivethrough the area and report yourobservations by describing each of the following six areas using a majorityof the questions from each category of Box 6-2 as your guide (one to two indepth paragraphs for each category). Be sure to include what you observedrelated to each of these categories, and also include any significant itemsthat are missing in your community becausethis may be equally important in identifying a community health problem.a.  Communityvitalityb.  Indicatorsof social and economic conditionsc.  Healthresourcesd.  Environmentalconditions related to healthe.  Socialfunctioningf.  Attitudetoward healthcareNote: It is helpful to conduct this assessment at leasttwo different times: during the day or evening, on a weekday and/or on theweekend. If possible, plan on asking someone to driveduring your survey so that you can take notes. 3. Conclusion: Providea summary of your findings. Describesignificant community health problems based on your observations. Theinformation gathered during the windshield survey should assist you to identifycommunity health problems that will be further assessed in the next assignment.4.  References: The purpose of this assignment is to document your observations of your community.Outside sources are not required. However, if sources are used, these sourcesmust be cited within the form (Author, year) and listed in the referencesection in APA format (see APA category in Course Resources for help withformatting).

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