GUIDELINESTeacher-Made Classroom AssessmentThese guidelines

GUIDELINESTeacher-Made Classroom AssessmentThese guidelines arenot intended to include every characteristic of a good teacher-made test.  Specifics have been covered in class and inyour text.  Your notes and text should beconsulted in developing your test.  Thisis a general checklist only.BE SURE TO INCLUDE AKEY. If the key is not included, you will receive only half the credit for thisassignment.Constructa test in your area of concentration.Thetest should cover a unit, not an entire semester’s work.Staywith grade levels 3-12.Includea list of the general objectives for your unit, with specific outcomesunder each, on a separate sheet (no more than a page), and note special characteristics of yourtarget population, especially age and grade.Utilizeshort answer, true/false, and multiple choice questions. Write 10 of eachand include one essay question and one performance assessmentactivity.  Avoid matching unless youare certain it lends itself especially well to your material.Besure to include a separate set of directions for each type of item.Appearancedoes count.  Double space betweeneach format.  If you use graphs ordiagrams, be sure they are clear and readable.  Print must be dark and clear enough toallow for good reproduction.  Ifyour personal printer is inadequate, utilize printers on campus.  Overall format should be appropriate forthe age of your target population.Includeyour scoring plan on a separate sheet. Be certain to include:Numberof points for each itemAscoring system for your essayAscoring system for  yourperformance assessmentAprocedure for grading the entire testAscheme for number of points equal to an A, B, etc.Youmay include the score on the performance assessment as part of the testgrade, or not, at your option.Chooseeither hearing impairment,visual impairment, or learning disability (specify type of LD) and discussin one paragraph how you would modify your test for a student with thisdisability.  Please do not say youwould just have a resource teacher administer the test.  That is not a modification.Please see grading rubric below for this assignment:GRADING RUBRIC FOR CLASSROOM TESTASSIGNMENTThe project will be graded withregard to thoroughness; quality of items; directions and scoring procedureswith regard to guidelines discussed in text and class; appearance; correlationwith stated goals of your unit; and level of appropriateness for your population(see definitions of terms and point system below.)  Be sure to measure every item against thecriteria for a good item of that type.Thoroughness – Are all types of required testitems and number of items present? Is there a separate set of directions foreach section? Have instructional objectives and scoring plans been included onseparate sheets? Is there a paragraph regarding modification for disability?All types of items present?Correct number of each type ofitem?Modification paragraph absent?Overall scoring plan absent?Instructional objectives in atleast three areas (knowledge, understanding, application)?Quality of Items – Are items free ofcontaminating characteristics that reduce validity and reliability?  Is the modification for disabilityappropriate?Weak item?Poor item?Inappropriately written outcome?Limited quality of disabilitymodification?Limited quality of creativity ofperformance assessment?Quality of directions – Are directions clear andrelevant to the type of item for which they are intended?Each short answer typeEssayPerformance AssessmentMaximum points that may be lostfor directionsScoring procedures – Does attached scoring sheetinclude an adequate point system for fixed choice items?  Are the systems of evaluation for the essayquestion and authentic assessment clear? Appropriate?Overall planEssayPerformance AssessmentAppearance – Is test typed?  Double space between sections? Diagrams andgraphs clear?  Print dark enough andlarge enough?  Place for name of studentand date? Title present? etc.  No vertical placement of responseoptionsPoor general appearanceGrammar and punctuation errorsSpelling and typosNo name of student, etc.No lines for fill-inCorrelation with goals of unit – Do importantaspects of what was taught appear in the test? Is emphasis appropriate for different objectives and outcomes? Is typeof item appropriate for that objective? Is duplication of content in items avoided?Appropriate use of material Material in objectives presentAppropriate for population – Level of languageused and phrasing appropriate for age and grade?  Format in keeping with developmental level ofstudents with regard to perceptual overload?BE SURE TO INCLUDE AKEY. If the key is not included, you will receive only half the credit for thisassignment.Classroom Test Assignmentdeveloped by Dr. Victoria Damiani, Dept. of Educational and School Psychology,Indiana University of PA and used with permission.

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