HDFS2001 Human Development and Family Sciences Essay/Assignment

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For this project your task is to accomplish 4 objectives using 4 media examples:

1. To investigate media representations of your chosen community to build bridges.

2. To explore how media representations function to maintain inequality on the basis of categories of difference (i.e., race and ethnicity, social class, sex and gender, sexuality, religion and belief systems, or ability).

3. To connect each of the media representations to institutions that also maintain systems of inequality (examples are: family, education, religion, work, education and the economy, the state and public policy) or to aspects of our culture that maintains inequality.

4. Identify concepts, main points, and/or illustrative arguments from your readings that are relevant to the points you are making for each of the media examples. You must refer to AT LEAST 1 READING, LECTURE or Video for EACH media example you provide. At least 2 MEDIA SOURCES SHOULD BE RESPRESENTATIVES OF THE NEGATIVE STEREOTYPES USED TO LABEL THE COMMUNITY- ANOTHER 2 MEDIA SOURCES COULD BE POSITIVE IMAGES OF THE COMMUNITY..


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