hello, I gave this discussion to a tutor and this is what I

hello, I gave this discussion to a tutor and this is what I received. I really don’t understand what they are talking about. Can you please rewrite it for me please?How can we build a primary/secondaryeducation system in the USA that broadly prepares young people to operate in acreative, high technology society? How do we prepare citizens to be informationliterate and life-long learners at the same time?Wecan build a primary/secondary education system in USA by knowing the structureof their primary and instruction with the grading system. Before educationalactivity, yank students attend primary and lice for a combined total of twelveyears. These years square measure said because the initial through twelfthgrades. Around age six, U.S. kids begin grammar school, which is mostordinarily known as “elementary college.” They attend 5 or six years so go ontolice.  Certain things that need to befigured out,· We should locate out the U.S. comparableof the last stage of teaching you finished in your house realm.· Pay slam concentration to the access necessitiesof all university and college, as fit as personage extent programs, which mayhave unusual necessities than the academia.· Regularly rally with a didactic advisor orcontrol therapist to craft sure you are an assembly the necessities.Aspecial priority ought to tend inside the amount of study with the scholars ofUSA to imagine a better society. We are able to turn out the voters with infoliterature and long learners as every of the literacy’s prescribes a method bythat the learner can additional simply talk over the content distinctive to aselected space of study. Long learning developing a culture of long learningshould be motivated by over the economic explanation that presently dominatespolicy thinking, despite persistent efforts at bridging the variations betweengeneral education and coaching and training, the gap remains.. Some of thethings that need to be followed are,• Set of individual options and alternativesopen up for, and accessible to, an entity in the situation of private, relationsand common matters.• Eminence and efficacy of schooling and preparationin both official school location previous access into the labor force, and afterwardsin relaxed occupational or on-the-job preparation locations.• Prospects of judgment and custody of pleasingwork and touching up the vocation steps quickly and with suitable loots, and productiongainful and shrewd financial and trade choice.

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