Hello, Im looking for help to do this lab, because Im not

Hello, I’m looking for help to do this lab, because I’m not that good at PERL programming language. I tried my best but nothing work. The submission is two hrs from now. can you help me do it please ?LAB 5 – DESCRIPTIONAttached Files:- SampleConfig.txt – perl example from the class.txt  ==>this is help to use it as a template please Create a Perl program that is simply a loop over a set of ‘Regular Expressions’ that perform the tasks described below. Use the attached file SampleConfig.txt as input.  Note: Though this is a bit assignment is a bit contrived, it does represent the types of actual text manipulations that might be performed over many large files.Instructions:Using the attached SampleConfig.txt file, provide a Perl regular expression for each of the following tasks:Remove any leading or trailing space from each line.Replace all of the occurrences of a full line of # characters (ignoring leading or training spaces) with the following: # ———- #Change any URL ending in .htm to end with .htmlFor any set of multiple words following an equal sign (=),  place what follows the equal sign in quotes.eg: a = bcd efg  becomes a = ‘bcd efg’eg: a = bcd  remains  a = bcdAdd a semicolon (;) to the end of every line.Every line beginning with a comment marker (#) and containing additional text should have one (and only one) space folling the comment marker.Replace any pattern in the form of [__UPPER-CASE CHARACTERS__] with (lower-case characters)ie: Open square bracket + two underscores + upper-case text + two underscores + close square bracketeg:[__SOMEDATA__] becomes [somedata]Follow every ‘config section’ with a comment that indicates the current section count:For example:   [SVN]  # Section: 1    [……]  # Section: 2   etc.Submit:A file containing the Perl code to fulfill the above requirementsA version of the SampleConfig.txt file incorporating all of the above changes

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