Hello!I have a homework and i need help to do finish it i ju

Hello!I have a homework and i need help to do finish it i just could not finish it all PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW YOU DID IT: ObjectiveCreate a simple ‘guess the number game’ in a web page where YOU are the one thinking of the number and the Computer is to guess the number that You are thinking. The application will have user input fields and buttons as well as computer generated output.InstructionsCreate a ‘web page’ with the following components:An input field for the ‘low end’ of your number range  An input field for the ‘high end’ of you number rangeeg., ‘I’m thinking of a number between 5 and 20.’An input field for the maximum number of guesses that the computer is allowed to make.eg., ‘You have 10 chances to guess my number.’A button to ‘Start’ the game playAn output field where the computer displays it’s guess.An output field which displays the computers current guess numbereg., The number of guesses has the computer made so far.If you wish, this can ‘count down’ so it displays the number of guesses remaining instead.Three buttons for you — the player — to respond to the computer’s guess:’Higher’ — The Computer Guessed to Low (‘Sorry, Guess Higher’)’Lower’ — The Computer Guessed to High (‘Sorry, Guess Lower’)’Correct’ — The computer guessed your number correctlyOnce the game is over (either by the computer guessing correctly or running out of guesses), an ‘alert box’ should display any final scoring information.Implement the JavaScript code necessary to implement the game as described aboveNote: The computers ‘guessing strategy’ is completly up to you, as long as it sticks to a valid range.Optional: If the human player is cheating (ie, the human claims that a guess which must be correct is — in fact — incorrect), the computer may call the user a cheater.12.rar

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