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helpppppp please!!!Directions. 1.  Read the Post Bellum South Lecture, the Industrial Revolution Lecture, the Rise and Fall of Organized Labor Lecture,  and the Expansion of American Foreign Policy   Lecture and answer the following questions. Make sure you throughly answer the questions in your own words.  Do not just copy and paste. The answers should be at least one paragraph.  Do not complete the questions at the beginning of the lectures.  Post Bellum South Lecture Questions1.What were the primary economic problems that plagued the Post Bellum South?2.What was the primary factor that lead to the development of the jim crow?Industrial Revolution Lecture Questions. 3.  How did the federal government play a role in facilitating industrial growthThe Rise and Fall of Organized Labor Lecture. 4. What was the primary reason for weakness of organized labor in the Gilded Age?imperialsism Expansion of American Foreign Policy Lecture.5. How did the American Intervention into the Spanish American War impact Cuba?Links for the Lectures. 1._post_bellum_south_lecture.pdfindustrial_revolution_lecture.pdfthe_rise_and_fall_of_labor_lecture.pdf

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