Herzing University Patient Taking 5 Different Medications Questions

You are a patient who is taking 5 different medications. You take the following medications at the following times:

Enteric Coated Aspirin 325mg tabs: 0800

Escitalopram 10mg tabs: 0600

Ibuprofen 200mg tabs: 1200, 1900

Lisinopril 20 mg tabs: 0600, 1500

Melatonin 10mg tabs: 1900

Write a 3 page paper including:

a) What barriers you’d encounter in trying to being adherent to taking your medications

b) What barriers you’d encounter if trying to following a dietary guideline

c) Any tools that would help you be more successful in taking the medications on time and improve patient safety

d) The importance of paitent preferences, vaules and background in providing patient centered care

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