Hi Herrick,This is Daniya again. I am a tutor here, and I ha

Hi Herrick,This is Daniya again. I am a tutor here, and I have also a student account here, so I can ask those type of questions and communicate with other tutors.There are a lot of strange things going on lately on this website. For example, Molly W has been doing the same thing today as yesterday, and for some strange reason, studypool admn didn’t take care of her. I explained exactly what she was doing in my separate easy question last night but I am not sure you got it. Basically, anonymous posts question exactly for 20$, and her bid ALWAYS wins a minute after question had been posted. By the time I bid, question disappears right away, there is no time to even read a question! Are students that rich these days to pay max for every question, really? Then why ‘bidding’ exists??? Moreover, it is happening like 5 times in a row. Maybe even more since I am not here 24/7. Since you are so experienced here, based on the amount of students and points you have, can you please communicate with studypool administration to have more serious approach to this?It is super annoying…. Thanks!

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