Hi Kate,I dont need elaborated answers, just basic answers

Hi Kate,I don’t need elaborated answers, just basic answers for my discussion board. No references needed. Examine the benefits and drawbacks of a global strategyversus those of a local strategy. Provide one (1) example of when a globalcompany would select a global strategy and one (1) example of when it wouldselect a local strategy.Determine two (2) possible HR implications of a companyusing either a local or a global strategy. Speculate on the manner in which thedecision in question impacts the hiring and training process for eachparticular location.Select two (2) major criteria that you would use to appraisethe performance of an expatriate. Determine whether an expatriate’s performancerequirements should or should not match those of others within an organizationand if management should rate the expatriate differently based on a focus ofinternational growth for the company. Provide a rationale for your response.Rank the top three (3) suggested components of a performanceappraisal in order of importance (one (1) being the most important; three (3),the least). Provide a rationale for your ranking.

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