Hi there. &nbspI dont really need an explanation, just the ans

Hi there.  I don’t really need an explanation, just the answer.  I have a batch of these if you are interested, but need to submit them one at a time because of the program I am using.  Thank you for your help!Anincentive travel program offers customers a free weekend vacation inexchange for sitting through a sales presentation. Currently the optionsare Disneyland (D), Epcot Center (E), SeaWorld (S), and the FlamingoLas Vegas casino (F). Customers are asked to rate each location frommost to least desirable, and the results are tabulated.  Number of votes201695 First choiceSecond choice Third choiceFourth choice ESFESFEDFEDF DDSS Usingthe pairwise comparison method, Epcot is the most desirable location.If the travel company loses its contract with SeaWorld, and the votesare recounted after SeaWorld is eliminated, is the irrelevantalternatives criterion violated?Question:The irrelevant alternatives criterion A: is violated.B: is not violated.

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