High School Trigonometry

I need help with a Trigonometry question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

$50-$75 (will change later) to whoever can finish these 11 ( or as many as they can in 1 day) online trigonometry assignments WITH GOOD SCORES. I have until tomorrow to finish all of these and currently have a D in the class. No rush. I will give 1 day to complete these assignments. Do not rush TOO much and get wrong answers. TESTS and QUIZZES are weighed higher. I am calling out for help, this is my last resort.

Thank you!!!

– Each lesson has two things that need to be completed (review and assessment)

– Pink boxes are review practices (short).

– At the end of each lesson is an assessment, quiz, or test (longer).

– When you finish the review practice and assessment, you click on the checkmark in the bottom left corner.

– You then click the left tab and go on to the next assignment, and repeat

I will give my online login to whoever I choose to have work with me 🙂


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