Highlights and the Body of Knowledge of Nursing

Highlights and the Body of Knowledge of Nursing

Highlights and the Body of Knowledge of Nursing; Charles Marc A. Rocafort, TFN, GS-MAN, (DLS-Lipa Extension) January 02, 2010 COURSE APPLICATION # 1 Highlights and the body of knowledge of Nursing Relate the following historical highlights and its impact in the Nursing Profession in the Philippines:

1.Increasing Demands of Nurses Abroad in 2003

2.2006 Nursing Leakage

3.Surplus of Nurses in 2008

> Increasing Demands of Nurses Abroad in 2003 The increasing demands of nurses abroad in 2003 were brought about by various conditions which occurred in several states and countries abroad. For instance, in Canada, 50% of nurses employed in the year 2003 will retire within the next 15 years and student classes will need to double from 5,000 to 10,000 a year to fill the gap. By 2016 however there is an expected shortfall of 113,000 nurses (Socio-Economic News, 2003).

The increasing number of expected staff nurses that will retire due to old age in Canada contributed to their need to hire nurses from other countries to satisfy their demand on health care needs.Another event was the downfall of students enrolling in the nursing program in Unites States of America. Enrolment into nursing education program has fallen by 4% – 6%, and the number of graduate nurses who pass RN examination is falling (23% since 1995) It is not surprising that the number of vacant positions is predicted to increase to 400,000 by 2020 (20% of the demand) (Socio-Economic News, 2003).

The decreasing enrollees of nursing students abroad played an extensive part for the threat of having shortage of nursing professionals during that time.These events had a great impact on the nursing profession in the Philippines. It opened opportunities for Filipino nurses to work abroad, demonstrate their competency and further enhance it. Philippines supplied most of its nurses to the United States and other countries (International Council of Nurses, 2002). Because of the large demand of nurses abroad, countless nursing schools in the Philippines opened to compensate for this need.

There is a sudden increase in the business of health care industry. Those schools without nursing program before began to have nursing programs. The newly opened schools hired even inexperienced clinical administrators and took advantage of this phenomenon because it is of big profit which I think affected somehow the quality of the nursing education and the nursing profession in the Philippines. 2. 2006 Nursing Leakage The leakage happened during the Nursing Licensure Examination last June 11-12, 2006 was a big disgrace to all Filipino especially to those in the nursing profession.

It was revealed after a group of Nursing Board examinees filed a complaint against members of the Board of Nursing (BON) and Ray Gapuz, owner of the Gapuz Review Center. As a response, the Philippine Regulations Commissions (PRC) created an independent fact-finding committee to inquire into the alleged controversy. After conducting its investigation, the committee found that a nursing exam leakage did occur.

The test question manuscripts of Board of Nursing (BON) members Virginia Madeja and Anesia Dionisio for Test III and Test V were copied and distributed to the reviewees of the Gapuz Review Center and INRESS before the actual examination dates (GMA News Research, 2007).Some are claiming that the leakage did not or cannot occur because the questions on the Nursing Licensure Examination are randomly selected by computers from the 2,500 questions given by the BON members.

Even assuming that all 2,500 questions were leaked to all the nursing examinees, instead of just 1,000 questions to those who attended the review centers who obtained the leaked questions, the examinees would not have known which of the questions would be computer extracted for the final exam (Rodis, 2007). This statement was supported by the some PRC Commissioners (Leonor Tripon-Rosero, Avelina dela Rea, and Renato Valdecantos,…


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