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Chapter Sixteen: Capital and labor.

  • How did the South and West change by 1900?
  • How did the federal government’s post-Civil War policies in the West affect Native Americans?
  • What was the crop-lien system that emerged in the South and how did it shape the region after the Civil War?
  • In what ways did a “New South” emerge economically in the late nineteenth century?

Chapter Seventeen: Conquering the we….

  • Describe the economic success and excess of the US during this era.
  • How effective were the efforts of workers to organize unions to promote their interests during this era?
  • What role did the federal government play in the nation’s economic development during this period?
  • Who were the leading entrepreneurs who pioneered the growth of Big Business? What were their goals and what strategies did they use to dominate their respective industries?
  • What primary factors stimulated the unprecedented industrial and agricultural growth in the late nineteenth century?

Chapter Eighteen: Life in industrial America.

  • Why did the money supply become a major political issue, especially for farmers, during the Gilded Age? How did it impact American politics.
  • How effective were politicians in developing responses to the major economic and social problems of the Gilded Age?
  • How did urban growth and the increasingly important role of science influence leisure activities, cultural life, and social policy in the Gilded Age?


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