history of the criminal justice reform

Part 2 of the Final Project includes the section of the research paper focused upon the history of the criminal justice reform. In this section, you will (1) identify and discuss the issues that are included with the selected reform, (2) provide a narrative timeline describing how the reform has evolved over the past 50 years, and (3) briefly discuss the relevance of this criminal justice reform to public policy making, specifically within the field of criminal justice.
Please note that you are only briefly discussing the connection between the selected criminal justice reform area and public policy making in the last part of this section of Part 2 of the project.



A full discussion on the topics highlighted in item 3 above will be included in the final paper. More information about this is provided in the Final Project section of this Course Project description.
In addition to the textbook, you must incorporate at least four other scholarly resources in these sections of the research paper. You are encouraged to at least use some of the scholarly resources that were submitted as part of the Annotated Bibliography in Part 1 of the Final Project.
Part 2 of the Final Project should be 5 – 7 pages in length, not counting the cover and reference pages. Please review the general guidelines for papers to obtain a description of other formatting requirements.

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