HIT226 WK6 Healthcare Performance Improvement &amp Decision Making

Scenario: General Ambulatory Care Clinic, which is located in a busy urban area, provides primary care services. Its mission is to provide high-quality healthcare to all patient population served. Its vision is to provide patient-centered, high-quality care. Its customers are adults from the neighborhoods around the area. Within a 5-mile distance, there are two other primary care clinics: Sunny Clinic and Care Clinic. The (attached) document includes the hours of operation for all three clinics as well as the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey ratings



1. Based on the data available from the scenario and the Excel file, explain the benchmark comparison for General Clinic. What problems need to be addressed? From the perspective of an office manager, provide and justify at least one recommendation for improvement. Connect problems you are identifying to the data as well as the mission and vision. Respond to this question by creating a multimedia piece. Your media can be the Excel tables or graphs.

2. Who else should be part of the performance improvement team for the issue to be addressed more quickly? What technology could be used to help address the issue? If you think additional staff need to be hired, what could justify such a decision?

Respond to the second question by creating a PowerPoint

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