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As we’ve seen over the course of this week, emigration was complicated for German Jews in the 1930s. Considering the timeline of persecution and the specific measures taken to remove Jews from Germany’s economic and social life, what were the factors that German Jews had to consider, whether they chose to stay or to leave? If they chose to leave, what factored into the timing of their decisions?

Please use evidence from at least two primary sources to support your answer. Suggested primary sources include Victor Klemperer’s diary, the various antisemitic Nazi laws and decrees we’ve covered this week, any of the videos of survivor testimony, and/or Samuel Honaker’s descriptions of antisemitic persecution and Kristallnacht–or others, including film clips and photos from lectures. You may also want to include information from your textbook and lectures, as well as the USHMM sites on refugees.

(The Honaker document is available under Files for the May 20th lecture. It was originally going to be assigned for that lecture, but I decided to focus on Klemperer instead. However, you’re welcome to use it for this assignment.)

Your answer should be about 150–200 words long. Footnote citations are not counted toward your final word count.


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